Sunday, January 31, 2010

Historic Property

An exciting thing about our area is it's history and the different styles of architecture that dot our neighborhoods. Cheraw & Chesterfield enjoy numerous historic homes and buildings, many of which have been restored by proud owners. While these fine and unique structures provide a means for housing families and businesses, they do require special attention and marketing strategies when placing them for sale. Over the span of my career, I have enjoyed the ability to sell these American treasures, additionally, my family has owned and restored several historic homes in the area and are always intrigued by the education we get from the history aspect and the renovation process. We enjoy the history of our area so that we house our business in a 100+ year old brownstone building in Cheraw's downtown. It allows us an opportunity to further explore and educate ourselves on the history of the area and embrace it. When considering selling or buying historic property, it certainly pays to employ an experienced agent who has a knowledge of the area, knows the logistics of buying and selling historic property, one who is familiar with zoning and other issues, one with a knowledge in what to look for in the integrity of these structures and an access to a team of vendors of have themselves a background in historical property. Having owned, restored, and sold historic homes, and being a member of Cheraw's Appearance Commission has granted me a vast amount of knowledge in historic property and what is expected in its ownership. Recently I authored an e-book dealing with the selling of historical homes, it can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. If you own a historic home, thinking of buying or selling a historic structure, or just intrigued by their majesty, I encourage you to download and read this e-book.. its packed with interesting tidbits and best of all, its free.