Sunday, October 27, 2013

Steps For How to Buy The Perfect House?

Real Estate Agent: After you have your list of requirements and know what particular areas you are interested in, you will want to contact a Real Estate Agent. To help choose an agent, ask for references from friends, family, or coworkers who have purchased a home and had a good experience with their agent. Use a reputable company. The agent will have access to listings that you may not be aware of as well as negotiate the contract and answer any questions you may have about the process.

When you find the home you want to buy, be sure to ask for a home inspection. The inspector will look at everything in the home from plumbing to electric wiring to be sure that there are no issues that can be a huge headache after purchasing the home. You will know that everything is in good working order. If a problem is found by the inspector you can request that it is repaired as a condition of your buying the home. If you are not familiar with the area where you are house hunting, take the time to drive around to get a feel of the various neighborhoods. For instance, if you work from home, you will want a neighborhood that is quiet during the day. You will also want to visit the neighborhood at night to get a feel for the area at night. If there is music blaring and noisy neighbors, you may not want to consider that area unless you are into that sort of thing. It is a good idea to make a list of what you will need in your new home. List the number of bedrooms, the size of space you will require outdoors, and storage space. This is a list of what you must have, and not simply what you want. These items are imperative. Though it may seem obvious, putting it down on paper will assure that none of these specifics are overlooked.

Stay Within Your Budget: Knowing what you can spend on your new home is key to being sure that you can afford the monthly payments. It is sometimes hard not to see an amazing house and decide that you have to have it. Keep in mind that there are beautiful homes in all price ranges and it may just take patience and a lot of looking on your part to find the home that fits your taste and budget.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some Much Appreciate Kind Comments From Clients

I love working with my clients and sincerely appreciate their kind comments regarding my service to them. Its a real boost to my confidence and a great motivator.  

Here are just a few:

"Tonya Michael made the process of buying my house run smoothly!  After dealing with a few realtor's, I turned to Tonya and turning to her was the best decision. Her knowledge and experience made the entire process relatively easy. She was always available to answer my questions and to assist me. Im so Glad that she was my realtor and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank You Tonya!"

"I would recommend Tonya Michael because she is fast and friendly. My house had already been on the market for one year. When it was shown, feedback was slow, not at all, or ineffective. When I contacted Tonya, she offered great advice, her rates were better than the competition, and she sold my house in two weeks. I believe it was all about getting the right kind of buyer instead of just "traffic". I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a realtor that understands what small towns are all about and what families are looking for in a home. She is excellent!"

"She was wonderful to work with!! Hands down the nicest and most helpful with everything. Made buying our house as simple and smooth as possible! We will be recommending her to our friends that are looking to buy."

A warm, heartfelt Thank You to all my clients, I appreciate the opportunity.  If you're searching for a home or considering selling, please let me know, I am eager to help.

Tonya Michael