Friday, June 28, 2013

Do You Know, How to qualify for the best mortgage rate?

It is very important to know, How you can qualify the best mortgage rate? Here you can find four Criteria that makes to qualify the best mortgage rate.After seeing advertisements for those historically-low mortgage interest rates everywhere.
Then you figure it is time to refinance or apply for a new mortgage.But when your application is accepted, then you realize your interest rate is 1 - or even 2 - Where percentage points higher than the national average!!! What makes for a low-risk mortgage applicant. Please read on to see what it takes to qualify for those super-low mortgage interest rates.

Checkout these four Criteria below:-

I) Credit Score of 740 and above

II) Debt-to-Income Ratio of 40 Percent or Less

III) Consistent Job Stability

IV) At least 20 percent equity